A unique journey with Jack the Hat and his taxi through a full academic year in the university city of Exeter from "freshers week" to the "graduation ball." A raucous, entertaining adventure that will make you laugh and sometimes even cry.

A short reading "Jack" by the Author Shane Moore O'Sullivan
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Overall, each character in Jack’s taxi is a portrait so artfully sketched that it seems as if they are a living, breathing person – and, what’s more, a person that could very easily live next door, or in any of the student houses in the city.

Like Prospero in The Tempest, Jack the Hat is the central figure who wields a near-magical power to orchestrate the series of lifts in his taxi, and to overcome a multitude of barriers and obstacles that would deter any ordinary person.

His novel is exciting and unique: even for people who use taxis frequently, the taxi driver is always a mute, faceless figure – until now.

Written in a clear style, and with a calm, charming voice, this is a novel that will undoubtedly appeal to both residents in Exeter and those who live elsewhere.
"I really enjoyed it. I thought the whole thing extremely engaging, funny, humane, warm hearted and full of human interest. You've done something that is very subtle and satisfying and I repeat - I REALLY ENJOYED IT"

About the Author

Shane O'Sullivan was born in Nottingham in 1953. He attended a Benedictine Monastery School from which he managed to escape from at the age of 16, and has been on the run ever since. As a jack-of-all-trades, his litany of previous occupations includes: a hotel porter, a chef, a bar manager at Hemingway's one-time watering hole in France, a London-based hamper delivery driver, a racecourse exercise rider, a young adult offenders care worker, a Pyrennes railway tunnel labourer, an exhibition organiser in Hong Kong, and even a property investment broker. He has travelled, lived, dreamed and written. With his love for social interaction and his old fashioned qualms, he has become one of Exeter's most beloved taxi drivers. He published a poetry collection, Quickening of the sand, in 2016. His first published novel is Jack.

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